Freedom Concepts Adventurer AS2000 e-bike

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Freedom Concepts Adventurer AS2000 e-bike

Great for Long Rides and Uphill Climbs

The electronic assist motor is an excellent option for riders going on extended bikes rides, for those who need assistance on inclines, or for tandem riding.

  • Reduces the amount of effort required to pedal

Designed for riders aged 14 and up, the AS 2000 with e-Assist has a 35″ extra-wide rear stance provides excellent stability, however for those concerned with limited space, a narrow 31″ version is also available.

This model is equipped with a direct drive gearing system so you can pedal backwards to build momentum to go forward, or with optional seven speeds to give the selection of easy or challenging pedalling. Teenagers and young adults will love going out to ride with their friends and family on this traditional looking bike, and will enjoy being able to celebrate their freedom every day.


  • Quick release mechanisms on all adjustable parts
  • Adjustable crank and sprocket system to accommodate spastic legs or different leg lengths
  • Direct drive gearing with easy pedal power to encourage reciprocal patterning of the legs
  • 20″ Never-Go-Flat tires with aluminium rims
  • Two rear brakes with controls that can be mounted on the handlebars or Rear Steer™
  • Parking/transfer brake to stabilise the bike for transfers on-and-off
  • Independently adjustable handlebars with telescopic posts
  • Self-centring spring to promote better hand-eye coordination
  • Incredibly supportive seating system with multiple options to add additional harnesses or head supports
  • T-Bar which can be used as a brake mount or caregiver handle – option to add Rear Steering so the rider can learn to ride and stop with a little help
  • Mountain footplates – option to add multiple types of footplates to help with heel flexion or plantar flexion
  • Standard bike essentials such as: safety flag, wheel reflectors, multi-tool and bell
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