Theraplay TMX Hitch Tricycle

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Theraplay TMX Hitch Tricycle


This is a 2 in 1 product which gives the rider the opportunity to cycle independently or cycle on a trailer unit with a companion.

It folds to fit in your car!

This innovative product allows the cycle to be used as either as a tricycle or as a trailer unit. It has all the standard features of a TMX Tricycle with its sturdy frame and easy pedal gearing but with the ability to be quickly changed into a trailer unit. The package includes a TMX tricycle with a frame folding mechanism which can be converted to a trailer cycle by replacing the front section of the tricycle with an extension arm which joins to the adults cycle.

What is included?

  • TMX tricycle with frame folding mechanism
  • Option Drive Gear
  • Hitch Extension Arm
  • Hitch Mounting Bracket
  • What types of adult cycles can this be fitted onto?

The HITCH cycles have a universal mounting bracket which attaches to the seat post of the adult’s cycle, it is not compatible with cycles with suspension seat posts or a cycle with rear suspension frame.

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