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  • Lightweight foam base with growth capability via well inserts and a wide range of postural support. Contracutre cuts to accommodate tight harmstrings
  • Jay Flow fluid pad
  • For added skin protection there is a pressure relief pad with more fluid
  • Incontinence resistant cover as standard (air exchange cover as option)

Clinical Application:

  • Designed for the client with symmetrical and for asymmetrical posture to aggressive postural needs that change over time
  • Clients unable to weight shift; limited postural stability and unable to reposition
  • Designed to grow with the child


Width:10- 18″ (26 / 31 /36 / 41 / 46 cm)
Depth:13 – 20″ (33 / 38 / 44 / 49 / 51 cm)
Height Front:2″ (7 cm)
Height Rear:2″ (7 cm)
User Weight:113 kg
Product Weight Min:0.8 kg
Product Weight Max:3 kg
Cushion Type:Firm foam base + Jay Flow fluid
Cover Type:Standard with 2 covers. Incontinent cover.
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