Quickie 2

Modular Frame Design

The versatility of the Quickie 2 is in its modular frame that adapts with you as your function, body, and environment change. Independent, interchangeable frame components accommodate changing conditions without having to replace the entire wheelchair. You’re always getting the best from your Quickie 2.

Q-Fit Technology

The Quickie 2 uses Q-Fit Technology to create a tight fit between components for a snug, out-of-the-box feel over the lifetime of the chair. Living springs in the side guards and padded swing-away arms eliminate wiggle and rattling, while reversible seat saddles lock the seat rails in place for a smooth, rigid ride.

True Fit Program

If the need arises to significantly modify the chair, the True Fit program provides free parts within 5 years of original chair ownership.

Quickie 2 Lite Options

Love the Quickie 2, but looking for something with an edge? The Quickie 2’s minimalist counterpart, the Quickie 2 Lite, features an extremely lightweight, modular frame with a rounded rear for unique style swing-away front hangers.

Environmental Accessibility

Access every inch of your environment with the Quickie 2. Low seat heights and swing-in/swing-out hangers allow you to maneuver around low surfaces and tight spaces. Its lightweight frame folds up with little effort for easy storage behind the seat of your car, so you and your family can travel comfortably.

Seat Width: 12 -22″ (30.5 – 56 cm)
Seat Depth: 12 -22″ (30.5 – 56 cm)
Front seat height: 15 – 21″ (38 – 53 cm)
Rear seat height: 13.5 – 19″ (34 – 48 cm)
Backrest Angle: -15° to +3°
Max. User Weight: 120 kg
Product Weight: 13 kg


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