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The latest model Meywalk, the mk 3, is a revolution for both the users as well as their carers. Available in Medium (Metallic Red) and Large (Metallic Blue), with a choice of 5 thoracic ring sizes (70, 90, 105, 120, 130cm ring circumference). The thoracic rings now feature a durable and easy to clean polyurethan front section, a major improvement on the previous model. Features a unique lowering mechanism for ease of transfer, as well as a wide entrance to facilitate hoist transfer (not previously possible with the Meywalk 2000). All frequently used adjustments are tool free, making the Meywalk mk3 great for multi-use environments. The braking system is in line with the walker, making movemthrough tight spaces much easier. Built in springs assist in achieving a natural gait patter and motivate the user towards activity. The springs are easily interchanged according to the users body weight. Additional Options available:

  • Anti-tip supports
  • Drag brakes
  • Non-reverse brakes
  • Castor swivel locks
  • Multiple thoracic ring sizes
  • Springs obtainable in 4 strengths, selected according to the weight of the user
SpecificationsMeywalk MediumMeywalk Large
Length85 cm101 cm
Width62 cm69 cm
Seat/Groin Height50 -70 cm70 -95 cm
Trunk Support Height90 – 115 cm109 -140 cm
Wheel Size, Front175 mm x 40 mm200 x 30 mm
Wheel Size, Rear250 x 50 mm300 x 46 mm
Weight of Unit30.5 kg33.5 kg
Maximum Load100 kg100
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