A paediatric walking support for children aged 1 ½ through to 7 years. The seat and trunk support has spring suspension to encourage a more natural gait. The body posture of the child can be set in any position from vertical to 15º forward tilt, to find the best inclination for control and propulsion. Simple to adjust, low maintenance, reliable, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 2 sizes available, with size one easily converted to size 2 for additional years of growth. Additional Options available:

  • Anti-tip supports
  • Drag brakes
  • 90cm thoracic ring
  • Castor swivel lock
  • Leg guides
  • Hip pads
  • Leg separation plate
  • Cross bar – no seat option
  • Non-reverse brakes
SpecificationsMiniwalk Size 1Miniwalk Size 2
Length74 cm74 cm
Width65 cm65 cm
Seat/Groin Height27 – 48 cm27 – 63 cm
Trunk Support Height52 – 75 cm67 – 90 cm
Wheel Size, Front150 x 30 mm150 x 30 mm
Wheel Size, Rear250 x 50 mm250 x 50 mm
Weight of Unit15 kg15 kg
Maximum Load40 kg40 kg
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