Paediatric Mobility Equipment

Children's walking frames

A child’s body is extremely vulnerable. It takes extra time and patience to assist a little one with a physical disability. At Good Life Medical, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of paediatric mobility equipment designed to make you and your child’s life easier.  We only supply products from trusted manufacturers in the industry, ensuring excellent quality.

Paediatric strollers and wheelchairs

We stock various moving equipment to push your child in; from strollers to wheelchairs, we make sure the comfort of your child is first priority. These ‘pushers’ are easily transportable and compact, making it a user-friendly option if you are constantly on the move. The design of these products allows the child to feel secure and comfortable by using padding and belts. The uniquely designed wheelchairs and strollers give children the freedom to move while still providing them with all the necessary support they require.

Paediatric walking frame

The walking frames we stock are fully equipped with everything your child needs to assist their mobility. There are levers, straps and wheels in place for you to customise the walking frame to your child’s requirements. The best benefit of a walking frame is that you can use it for many years; the mechanism it is equipped with allows it to be used at various heights and weights. So whether your child is 5 or 12 years old, you can purchase a walking frame to assist him or her with walking.

Paediatric seating

Paediatric seating is ideal for children with modest to severe physical and neurological disabilities, helping to improve and maintain proper body alignment. Using the correct equipment for seating improves your child’s independence and overall health. Our seating provides comfort for individuals who need extra support when sitting in a wheelchair or anywhere else. Our paediatric seating products also offer the necessary postural support.

Assist your child the best way you can by giving him or her a specially designed mobility mechanism from Good Life Medical.

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