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The Varilite Evolution wheelchair cushion uses air-foam flotation to provide skin protection for those at high risk of tissue breakdown, and postural support for those with symmetric positioning needs. Weighing less than 1kg, it is one of the lowest weight cushions in its class, yet is still one of the best performing, with proven and trusted dynamic and static pressure redistribution qualities, aided by the inclusion of a modifiable closed cell foam wedge for greater pressure redistribution along the thighs. As well as being the cushion of choice for therapists around the world, the ease of use with the self inflating valve, as well as robust design, make it a firm favourite with wheelchair users too.

The Varilite Evolution is also available with Pressure Setting Valve (PSV) to make cushion set-up and adjustment even easier. And for added postural support, combine with a Wave base (see Evolution & Meridian Wave for details).

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