Wheelchair Seats

Wheelchair cushions backrest and posture support

Standard manual wheelchairs are suitable for individuals who have limited movement in their lower bodies, but individuals who require extra upper body support and who require added support in the form of seating and backrests. At Good Life Medical, we provide a wide variety of wheelchair support mechanisms that allows ease of movement and comfort when sitting in the chair. We supply products that provide postural and neck support, head support as well as cushions for comfortable seating and postural needs.

Postural support

Postural neck and back support is imperative. We have upper body positioning belts and shoulder straps that hold the body in an upright position while sitting in the wheelchair. Chest belts, designed to keep the upper body stable and in place, provide excellent support for the wheelchair user. The belts are designed with comfort and functionality in mind and are easy to adjust. If you require additional support, a shoulder harness would be the ideal option. This mechanism straps over the chair, across the shoulders and chest for correct positioning and even distribution of body weight, allowing for maximum comfort and perfect positioning.


The spine is one of the most important parts of your body. If your spine cannot function correctly, it impacts your neck, legs, shoulders and head. It is put under tremendous pressure by other parts of the body, which is why a backrest is essential in providing comfort and support to your spine and back. A backrest provides the necessary cushioning to keep you comfortable in your wheelchair for hours.


If your disability or illness requires you to spend long periods of time in your wheelchair, or you are in a situation where you have to be seated for a while, a cushion is the perfect accessory to relieve the pressure. The cushions we stock at Good Life Medical are designed to distribute the weight evenly underneath you, giving your body relief.  Check out our Jay and Varilite cushions.


Head support is crucial depending on the extent of your injury or illness. We stock one of the most established brands in the industry, Whitmyer. These headrests are specifically engineered to suit even the most delicate spinal and head moveability restrictions. Extending behind the back of the wheelchair to position itself behind your neck and back, a headrest is the perfect accessory if you require extra support.

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