Standing Frames

Standing wheelchairs

Good Life Medical provides a quality range of standing frames, also known as standers or standing aids.

People who have to make use of a wheelchair or with other limitations can draw so many benefits from standing frames. Whether mild or severe disabilities like quadriplegia, standing frames offer an alternative way of positioning and supporting the disabled body.

Passive standing assisted by a standing frame positively affects the body physically, emotionally and mentally. Holistically, the positioning reduces health risks and problems that can be caused by prolonged sitting or lying down.

Standing provides significant physiological benefits such as increasing the heart rate and improving the body’s blood circulation. It also benefits the pulmonary system and enhances the breathing process. The simple act of standing can affect the bone density and joint development in younger children, making the standing frame beneficial even at a young age. When standing, gravity can also assist in digestive and elimination functions, helping with bowel movements.

Even though the physical benefits of standing with a standing frame are tremendous, the psychological benefits are even greater. Standing contributes particularly in the development of the user’s self-image and peer interaction.

Mulholland Standers

All standing frames offer adjustable angles that provide graduated weight bearing and pressure for more normal tone distribution and stability around the pelvic/hip joint. Mulholland standers are growth adjustable for maximum cost effectiveness. They are all height adjustable and allow for changes in width, asymmetry and range of motion limitations.

Mulholland Standers can be used as prone, supine, or upright standers and can be adapted for postural drainage. All standers have optional locking casters and trays and the pelvic and thoracic straps have a secondary buckle strap for safety. Designed to allow standing as close to peer height as possible, these standing wheelchairs allow for greater peer interaction.

By providing pelvic and graduated trunk support, standing can be utilised to stimulate head righting, selective extension of the spine and mid-line use of the upper extremities. All standing frames are made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials.


Designed by a C6-7 quadriplegic, EasyStand’s line of standing frames and equipment has helped to improve the quality of life for kids and adults using wheelchairs worldwide.

We strive to perfect all of our standing equipment and have turned to our valuable customers in doing so. Our goal of promoting healthy standing drives us to excel at delivering exceptional quality in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of our products. We are committed to provide quality standers that will promote healthy standing.

All EasyStand products feature sit-to-stand technology and tool free adjustments. With built-in modularity, EasyStand standers have the necessary options you need. Our paediatric standing products can be used as both a stander and a desk, and our adult products allow for independent and active standing.

To learn more about standing frames and what suit your needs best, contact us today.