Flux Posterior Walker

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Flux Posterior Walker

FLUX is a walking aid, that promotes upright posture and natural walking movements. The child’s residual functions are efficiently utilised and promoted. Sturdy yet very light-weight frame promotes a safe walking movement. Reverse roll locks keep constant and reliable contact with the rear wheels and lock as soon as the rear wheels start rolling backwards. They can be deactivated by a safety pin, so that FLUX can be allowed to roll forward and backward. FLUX “grows with the child”, through the combination of rear height adjustment and height-adjustable grip bars. It also offers a safety lock, for ease of transport. FLUX offers a complete range of accessories including:

  • Bumper wheels to protect furniture and door frames
  • Carrier, foldable; also carries a schoolbag
  • Dynamic hip control support
  • Sling seat
  • Hip and bottom pad
  • Forearm supports with hand grips
  • Friction brake
  • Driving brake hand control
  • Castor swivel lock
  • Anti-tippers
  • Fold up seat
  • Universal grips allow width adjustment of grip position
  • Basket

Technical Data




Total length

81 cm

88 cm

91 cm

Total width

69 cm

74 cm

78 cm

User weight

75 kg

75 kg

100 kg

Front/ Rear wheel diameter

15/20 cm

15/20 cm

15/20 cm

Seat height

44 cm

54 cm

58 cm

Unit Weight

6.8 kg

7.1 kg

9.1 kg

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