Walking Frames

Mobility walkers

We offer a variety of different walking frames for the disabled and young children who need assistance. Walking frames are a great tool for younger children, disabled or elderly people who need additional support and stability while walking.

Buddy roamer

The Buddy Roamer™ is a posterior walking aid that provides partial weight bearing postural support with mobility. The frame is ergonomically designed to support body weight while allowing a child to walk around freely and unassisted. Its design permits easy access through doors and down hallways while still providing excellent stability for exploration both indoors and out.

The standard product provides safe and comfortable positioning using by making use of adjustable pelvic supports and hip guides, adjustable chest lateral supports and a central positioning bar. The walking frame is also designed to meet the needs of mild, moderate or complex users.

The Buddy Roamer™ is completely open on the front-side, with no obstructions to keep you from interacting with objects or other people. This allows children to have hands-free interaction with the surroundings and to learn, explore and discover.

Hoggi Flux

FLUX is a walking aid that promotes upright posture and a natural walking gate. Opening out in walking direction and physically free from interfering structural parts FLUX encourages upright posture and natural walking movements.

The child’s residual functions are efficiently utilised and promoted with the sturdy yet very lightweight frame that promotes a safe walking movement.

The reverse roll locks keep constant and reliable contact with the rear wheels and lock as soon as the rear wheels start rolling backwards. This ensures immediate safety and promotes a harmless walking movement.They can be deactivated by a safety pin, so that FLUX can be allowed to roll forward and backward.

FLUX “grows with the child”, through the combination of rear height adjustment and height-adjustable grip bars. It also offers a safety lock, for ease of transport.


Meywalk 4 walking frames stand out in the market of assistive technology by being spring suspended. The springs stimulate the muscles to move in the same way that they would if they were activated by a natural gait. This is a great way to develop the natural walking pattern. The suspension system of the Meywalk walking frames very often motivates users with mental disabilities to move around and as a result create a platform for further development.

The dynamic seat and the padded trunk support the user and help to keep the body erect. Both seat and trunk support are continuously adjustable in height. This way the walker can be fitted precisely to the user and allows for growth.

TheTool-free adjustments Meywalk® 4 is available in four sizes and can be adjusted to fit the needs and size of each individual user. All settings are done easily without the use of tools, which is a great advantage during active and busy days.

Many people have wished for a walker of this type especially those users that weigh more than 100 kg. This has now been made possible with the Meywalk® 4 as it has been tested and approved for users with a body weight of up to 130 kg.

The Meywalk 4 walking frames are primarily for indoor use but very suitable for outdoor use on hard and flat surfaces. It’s always recommended that the user is supervised by outdoor use.

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