Quickie GT

Classic and Performance Frame Options

The GT features durable, 1 1/8″ aluminum in an open, mono-frame design at a weight that won’t hold you back. Whether you prefer a stable wheelbase or shortened, high-response wheelbase, the GT’s Classic and Performance frame options will keep you confident and in control. When it’s time to wrap up the day’s adventures, quick-release wheels and the Folding Lockdown Angle Adjustable Back make the GT a breeze to transport home.

Off Road Capabilities

Fearlessly conquer curbs, bumps, and the toughest trails with the GT’s burly XTR Suspension. Add Mountain wheels, Knobby tires, beefy casters, and Frog Legs suspension caster forks for the ultimate off-road experience.

Bold Accessories

For on-road days when you want to effortlessly be yourself, the GT’s arsenal of lifestyle options has you covered. Choose from Spinergy wheels, colorful caster forks and axle plates, Natural Fit handrims and more to suit your look and lifestyle. Affected by Repetitive Strain Injury or fatigue? Add the Quickie Xtender motorized wheels to put some extra power in your propulsion.

Seat Width: 12″ – 20″ (30.5 – 51 cm)
Seat Depth: 12″ – 20″ (30.5 – 51 cm)
Front seat height: 16″ – 21″ (40.5 – 53.5 cm)
Rear seat height: 13″ – 20″ (33 – 51 cm)
Back height: 10″ – 20″ (25.5 – 51 cm)
Camber: 0°, 3°, 4°, 6°, 8°
Max. User Weight: 120 kg
Product Weight: 10 kg
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