Mobility Equipment Perth

Good Life Medical is one of Perth’s leading suppliers of mobility and rehabilitation equipment for adults and children. We provide a comprehensive range of permanent disability devices to assist you with seating, standing, walking, and transportation to ease the pressure of everyday functions that you may find difficult.

Disability Equipment Supplier in Perth

At Good Life Medical, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of products including manual and sport wheelchairs, specialised walking- and standing frames, and postural cushions and backrests. We supply products to the public and hospitals throughout Perth and Regional W.A.

We place a high value on our customers’ comfort, positioning needs and requirements, which is why we strive to provide first-class support, and high quality, functional products. If you are a person, dealing with a permanent disability, you can benefit from our wide range of products designed to make your life simpler and more comfortable.

Special Needs Strollers

We stock specially designed Special Tomato strollers to suit the unique requirements of your child. From infancy to toddlerhood, you can adjust any of our strollers to suit various positions to ensure your child’s safety and comfort. Extra padding and head support is included in these designs for added comfort. By employing the use of mechanisms that allow the stroller easy manoeuvrability and quick braking, the unit is not only safe and comfortable for the child, but also for the adult operating it.

Manual Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs for sale Perth.

Wheelchairs allow anyone struggling to use the lower half of his or her body to move around easily. The functional design makes it easy for the operator to manoeuvre his or her own way around rather than depend on an external party. However, if your arm strength is inadequate, our range of wheelchairs can accommodate the being pushed by an attendant effortlessly.

High Quality & Comfortable Seating Products

We stock various types of equipment to aid individuals who require specialised seating and postural support. From custom chairs and cushions to backrests and postural support. When it comes to mobility assistance, we are the experts. We source products from only trusted manufacturers so you are guaranteed quality, comfortable seating aids.

Specialised Standing Frames

Mobility Aids Perth

There are various options available to suit individual’s different heights and weights. Our standing units are equipped with all the necessary padding and bars to ensure you are able to stand comfortably.

Paediatric Mobility Equipment

Paediatric Mobility Equipment Perth

Browse through our range of paediatric products suitable for child movement. All our standard products such as wheelchairs, standing and walking frames, and seating supports are available in versions that are suitable for children.

Specialised Walking Frames

Browse through our range of walking frames. Many people prefer to use walking frames when their ability to walk is limited but not completely impaired. Walking frames are popular at centres or hospitals where a patient still requires practise to utilise his or her legs. Rather than using a wheelchair, a walking frame allows you to ease the blood circulation in your legs.

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