Mobility Equipment in Perth

Mobility Equipment in Perth

Good Life Medical is a Western Australian family-owned and operated business that specialises in the supply of mobility and disability equipment in Perth.

We sell direct to the general public and to hospitals in the Perth metropolitan area and to all country regions of WA.

On our website, you’ll find detailed information about the products that we sell, so you can view our selection of wheelchairs, mobility equipment, and other products from the comfort of your home.

Our online facility makes it easy for customers to access our products, whether you wish to purchase a product for yourself or for a family member.

At Good Life Medical, we are committed to delivering high-quality products and outstanding customer service. We are proud to have been assisting people with disabilities in Western Australia for over 20 years.

Quality Products

Good Life Medical supplies high-quality mobility and rehabilitation equipment for adults, children, teenagers, and disabled sports enthusiasts – from manual wheelchairs and sports wheelchairs to postural seating, walkers, and mobility equipment.

Manual Wheelchairs

We supply a full range of manual wheelchairs, including Custom–Folding Frames, Custom – Rigid Frames, Tilt, Paediatric, Bariatric, Standard Non-Configured Wheelchairs, and Sports Wheelchairs. View products online.

Standing Frames

We supply a range of styles including Easy Stand and Mulholland models. View products online.

Walking Frames

Our range includes popular brands such as Meywalk, Hoggi, Mulholland, Snug Seat, and Buddy Roamer. View products online.


Good Life Medical supplies a large range of Cushions, Backrests, Headrests, Postural Supports, and Custom Configured Seating products. View products online.


Our paediatric range includes Manual Wheelchairs, Tilt Wheelchairs, Standing Frames, Walking Frames, Seating and Postural Supports, and Strollers, as well as a great selection of Special Tomato products such as Soft-Touch Sitters, Height Right Chairs, and Multi Positioning Systems. View products online.