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RAD Frame Runner

The RAD Race Runner running frame is designed for use by individuals challenged with balance, range of motion and mobility resulting from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, stroke, or amputation, for example. Athletes use running frames to compete in the sport of Frame Running which is an internationally recognised disability sport.

The RAD Race Runner running frame is made of aluminum and similar to a tricycle without pedals that supports the athlete as they move. Despite significant physical challenges, most athletes can propel themselves on the RAD Race Runner running frame considerably faster than they can move unassisted. The low center of gravity and frame design offers stability and poise while running or walking. The saddle unit counteracts lateral sway and can also be used as a seat when at rest.

The RAD Race Runner running frame rolls so freely that even someone who is restricted to a wheelchair can propel themselves by their own efforts.

  • Adjustable Fitting

There are 7 adjustable joints on the frame for tailoring the ride.

  • Customisable Chest Plate

The chest plate supports the runner in staying upright. Different sizes, versions, and safety straps are available for customization.

  • Self-centring Handle Bar

​The integrated component design counteracts lateral movements and helps the runner steer straight.

  • Comfortable Saddle

The slanted angle of the saddle helps the runner lean in and the optional drop link allows for easy wheelchair access.

  • Light Frame

The aluminum body is light and easy to carry. The medium model, for example, is barely 30 lbs.

  • Quick-release Tyres

The wheels can be changed without tools with a standard bicycle quick-release design. One can choose racing tires for speed or all-purpose tires for stability. Both available on our website.

  • Slim Profile

The width of the RAD Race Runner fits standard tracks and sidewalks, and has a slanted angle to increase stability.

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