Theraplay TMX Tricycle

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Theraplay TMX Tricycle


This is a robust tricycle for older children, it is fitted with 20″ wheels and has a caliper brake with parking brake feature.

It folds to fit in your car!

The TMX Tricycle is an easy to pedal cycle designed for larger children. It is constructed from a strong yet lightweight frame and is fitted with an easy to pedal fixed gear. It has a calliper brake with a parking feature, alloy handlebar stem, alloy hubs and an alloy crank set for smooth and easy pedalling. The low gear ratio makes it easy to get going, it also limits the top speed to enable the rider to stay in control. The gear ratio can be changed to suit the rider’s pedalling ability.

The TMX can be customised to the rider’s requirements with a choice of 10 colours, gearing options and it can also be adapted by adding positioning supports which assist the rider to maintain a safe and comfortable seating position. If additional guidance is required, this model can be fitted with either a Control Pole or a Rear Steering System, a Frame Folding Mechanism can also be added which allows the cycle to be stored and transported easily.

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