The EasyStand Bantam is a unique standing frame for children which combines the convenience of a sit-to-stand stander with the additional functionality of a supine stander.  This combination allows the child to be positioned in an infinite number of positions. The Bantam is available in two sizes – small and extra small – and offers limitless positioning options.  Because changing positions in the Bantam is safe, easy, and quick, children using the Bantam can acquire a completely new perspective without the expense and time investment necessitated by a change of equipment. By regularly changing through a variety of standing positions, children are better able to stand for long periods. The Bantam also makes it easier for caregivers to move the child to a standing position, and because children are more comfortable standing in the Bantam, they are likely to stand more often. Some of the positioning possibilities provided by the Easystand Bantam:

  • Children who are difficult to transfer due to high tone can utilise the Bantam with the supine option to do a flat-to-load transfer with or without hip and knee flexion. The sit-to-stand and supine combination accommodate for contractures in a way that no other stander can.
  • At the dinner table, the Bantam can be positioned at a height that allows the child to facilitate a more natural upright feeding position and socialize with the rest of the family.
  • After standing upright for a period of time, the child can rest in a seated, tilted or supine position, then return to upright standing when their energy increases.
  • In the classroom, the Bantam can be used in an anterior tilt sitting position for high task performance. The tray can be removed so the child can be positioned for perfect access to tables or activities in the classroom.
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