Special Tomato Soft Touch Liners

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Special Tomato Soft Touch Liners

Ever wish you had a simple solution to your child’s seating needs that you can take with you when you are “on the go”?

The manufacturer of the Special Tomato® Brand Products has developed the Soft-Touch® Liner™ as a potential solution for your child.

The New Soft-Touch® Liner™ offers an affordable alternative to other seating systems. It eliminates the need to transport heavy seating systems. The Soft-Touch® Liner™ is made of a soft-to-touch, easy clean material that is latex-free and anti-microbial. The contoured seat and back cushions promote good posture while sitting in a standard seating system for children with mild to moderate positioning needs. The seat and back cushions can be used separately or together.

The Soft-Touch® Liner™ can be attached to most seating systems including but not limited to the following: strollers, highchairs, dining room chairs, restaurant chairs, and classroom chairs.

The two cushions of the Soft-Touch® Liner™ can be attached together for storage using the attachment straps. Keep it in the trunk of your car so it there when you need it!

SEAT CUSHION: Standard Features:

  • Soft contoured seat cushion
  • Built in abductor
  • Lap strap
  • Attachment strap
BACK CUSHION: Standard Features:

  • Soft contoured back cushion
  • Built in lateral supports
  • Attachment Straps
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