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Headmaster Collars

For Firm Support of the Head

The Headmaster Collar™ is the collar of choice for the best in head control. This innovative Collar provides excellent all round support and keeps you looking great! Light and airy, the Collar is covered in a soft, washable fabric in a variety of colours. The Collar is easily formed by hand to fit snugly underneath the chin.

Benefits for the Fitter:

  • easy to fit (bend the Collar by hand to fit)
  • good access to a tracheal tube, if needed
  • accessories available to modify function
  • all parts for the Collar are available as replacements

Benefits for the Wearer and/or Caregiver:

  • a cool, comfortable collar with low heat retention
  • easy to put on and remove
  • low profile; unobtrusive appearance, choice of colours
  • easy to keep clean
  • firm support for the head

Sizes and Colours

Large, Medium, Small, Junior & Child sizes available in Grey, Black, Beige & Blue. Infant size available in Grey only.

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