Headpod Head Suspension System

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With Headpod the head rotates with surprisingly high precision movements, something that was unexpected for children with cerebral palsy.

There is no neck traction, just vertical re-positioning that makes the spine cervical bones the main factor to support the weight of the head and neck. Meanwhile, the neck muscles work in a physiological upright position to keep the head aligned vertically with the torso spine. We recommend to alternate cycles using Headpod with others not wearing it, with a total amount of time usually not superior to 8 hours of use a day. With Headpod, the neck muscles that raise the head act with less strength but more precisely and in a continuous and physiological way to keep the head properly upright balanced. For the neck muscles responsible  for rotation or lateral displacements, Headpod facilitates not just precision but much more action as well.
Headpod really helps build all neck muscles.
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